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According to the Air Transport Association, there are over 700 local groups and also, hundreds of cities and towns nationally, concerned about airport and aircraft issues. Some of the Groups Who Joined the Battle:
   Aircraft Noise Protest, Airport Communities Coalition (ACC), Airport Neighbors Alliance, Airport Neighbors Decide, Airport Noise, Alliance for a New Moffett Field, Bankstown and Environs Airport Resistance, Branchburg/Readington Airport Coalition (BRAAC), Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise (CAAN), Citizens Against Airport Pollution (CAAP), Citizens Against Stafford Airport (CAST), Citizens Concerned About Jet Noise (CCAJN), Citizens Fed-Up with Aviation Noise (CFAN), Citizens for Safe and Healthy Communities, Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise, Citizens for a Quality of Life, Citizens United of Burbank, Coalition Against Runway 2 (CAR2), Communities Against Runway Expansion (CARE), El Toro Airport Info Site, he Environmental Organisation, Copenhagen, French National Union Against Aircraft Noise and Pollution (UFCNA), German Federal Organization Against Aircraft/Airport Noise, Greensboro Airport Noise, Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN), League for the Hard of Hearing "Airport and Aircraft Noise Center", Move Against Relocating Choppers Here (MARCH), National Helicopter Noise Coalition (NHNC), National Organization to Insure a Sound-Controlled Environment (NOISE), NET-SKY, Noise Free America, Noise Network, No More Noise, Notgemainschaft (Hamburg Airport, Germany), Olmsted Falls Airport Committee, People Over Planes, Perth Airport Aircraft Noise Exposure, Quiet Skies, a community coalition supported by citizens and government, RDU Noise Committee, Regional Commission on Airport Affairs, Residents Opposed to Airport Racket (ROAR), The Right Price For Air Travel Campaign, San Francisco Airport Roundtable, San Lorenzo Citizens Against Airport Noise, Sane Aviation For Everyone (SAFE), Save Our Skies, Save Our Skies (Australia) , Seattle Council on Airport Affairs (SCAA), ShhAir, South Metro Airport Action Council (SMAAC), St. Charles Citizens Against Aircraft Noise, Stop 14/32, Taxpayers for Responsible Planning (TRP), Third Runway Protest, UPROAR, Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council, Victims of Airport Expansion (Indianapolis Airport), West London Friends of the Earth


About AReCO
Who We Are:

AReCO believes in a balance between economy and ecology.

AReCO is a grass roots organization and is separate from all other organizations. We began in June 1994, with just 26 members. Today AReCO represents over 1200 residents from 42 communities and the City of Park Ridge that are concerned about O’Hare.  There are many national organizations that are also members.

AReCO’s membership is diverse, and it includes people from all walks of life including the business and real-estate community, as well as employees of the airlines, including pilots from United and American. We represent some Chicago Air Traffic Controllers in safety/capacity matters. We are legislative aides, business owners and members of the real estate community, teachers, doctors and others concerned about not only O’Hare noise but its environmental and health problems.

Our concerns:
We citizens are concerned with the increase in incidents of noise, health, safety, environmental problems and; decreasing property values that more flights at O’Hare Airport will bring.

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Concern grows over pollution from jets, Dec. 20, 2006.

Brunner, Terrence, J. "The 'Action' at O'Hare: The Corruption of the Public Policy Process Leading to O'Hare Expansion," December 2004.

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Myths and Facts on Aviation Pollution

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Baylor University, an AReCO member,  interacts with government and university officials world-wide regarding programs that use biomass fuels in aircraft and air quality monitoring programs using instrumented aircraft.

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