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December 12, 2002

News Release                                                              For Immediate Release

Source: Alliance of Residents Concerning O’Hare                

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Arlington Heights, IL— The Alliance of Residents Concerning O’Hare (AReCO) is calling for support to take action against the city of Chicago and the “Chicago” Chamber of Commerce, for their promotion of the fiscally unsound expansion of O’Hare Airport, and to show support for local businesses.

The campaign will focus on suburban and Chicago residents and community organizations calling for an embargo of all Chicago businesses, that is all businesses located within the city of Chicago’s boundaries, and requesting that the residents shop, dine and entertain locally, especially in communities that oppose O’Hare expansion.

Jack Saporito, Executive Director of the Alliance of Residents Concerning O’Hare stated, “I want to make perfectly clear one point, this is not an action against O’Hare Airport and its employees, this is an action against airport expansion and the arrogance and indifference shown towards a large percentage of the population by the city of Chicago and its business community.”

Suburban residents should also benefit in the lowering of their property taxes while helping their own community.  Every dollar that they spend in Chicago means less going into their community’s treasury and this affects their property and local sales taxes and community services.

The community is calling on Chicago’s Mayor Daley to stop the airport expansion.  The United States Government Accounting Office states that there are better ways to meet our long-term transportation needs.  What is needed is permanent meaningful relief from the significant public health, noise and pollution problems that his airport creates.

While AReCO is in the preliminary stages of the campaign, it is asking for strong support of the citizens of the communities and neighborhoods and their organizations.  AReCO is also asking for donations to keep this important campaign forceful and ongoing.

Stand up and unite against O’Hare expansion by putting local money to use locally, helping to keep property taxes lower.  So, shun Chicago business and buy locally.

AReCO is asking people to put their money where it will do the most good;  “O’Hare expansion destroys our health and quality of life: Boycott Chicago and shop locally!”

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