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(Source: ALLIANCE OF RESIDENTS CONCERNING O'HARE, Inc., POB #1702, Arlington Hts., IL  60006-1702)


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  Please take a moment to help protect you and your family!

 Hello Resident:

Some of your neighbors are concerned about air pollution and/or aircraft noise caused by local airports and their over-flights (mainly related to O'Hare airport operations).  These concerns include health and well-being[i] as well as aesthetics and property value reductions.

As a result of a field inspection, we have determined that there is a basis for further inquiry.

Please complete this pilot survey:

1)      Have you noticed any concentration of Black-goo[ii] (goo/dust) substances on your siding, patio furniture, windows, etc.?  
Yes No

2)      Do you occasionally smell jet fuel (kerosene odor) and/or have you observed other related air quality issues?
(e.g., smog, eye sensitivity, etc.)     Yes No

  Please describe   

3)      Do you or your family have specific health problems that you think could be attributed to airport-aircraft air poisoning?  
(e.g., cancer, tumors, respiratory, etc. For more see
[iii]) Yes No

4)      Do you have documentation of specific health problems that may be airport-aircraft poisoning related?  
Yes No

a.       If so, what is current age of person(s) that is affected? 

b.       What was age at diagnosis?

c.      Street(s) that person(s) affected lived on and for how long? 

d.       Schools attended for affected person and for how many years? 

5)      Besides O'Hare airport, do you recall any other source in your environment of heavy metals, hazards or toxins? 
Yes No If yes, please specify: 


1)      Is aircraft noise bothering or harming you and/or your family?  Yes No

2)      Your quality of life in general?  Yes No

3)      Your or your family's sleep?  Yes No

4)      Harming you and/or your family's health?[iv]  Yes No

5)      Harming your child's (children's) mental health?  Yes No

6)      Harming your child's (children's) ability to learn?  Yes No

7)      Is aircraft noise-caused vibration a concern to you?  Yes No


NOTE: Your names, addresses and answers will be kept confidential.  Any publication will be of summary or statistical nature only.


  All fields optional except intersection or address

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Yes! I want to join The Alliance of Residents Concerning O'Hare, Inc.


Thank you!


[i] For more information see:                                   

[ii] “Black-goo” is a dark (generally black-gray) oily substance that, when associated with aircraft, has been identified with more than 15 toxic petroleum chemicals including toulene and styrene as, well as, traces of a banned carcinogen pesticide -- ethylene dibromide (EDB).  It can cause a whole host of significant health problems, including reproductive, even with only short-term exposure.  EDB is a jet fuel additive.

[iii] For a comprehensive cited list see:             

  For comprehensive studies see:                     

[iv] Aircraft noise is known to harm health and general well-being.          For more information see:

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