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Note: US-CAWA Activities (1997-2002). AReCO was the founding member of US-CAWA. The following are for US-CAW

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AReCO Press Releases


"Erroneous Oil/Fuel Price Forecasts Fuel More Airline Demise," July, 20, 2005.


Airports: Government says, "What Noise???" April 20, 2005.
Chicago-O'Hare Noiseproofing Program Falters and Fools, Sept. 16, 2004.

"Durbin's Anti-environmental Actions Harms Millions," July 5, 2004.

Letter to DOT for United Whistle-Blowers treatment.April 23, 2004. 
Environmental Justice issues that may apply to O'Hare. April 12, 2004. 
"Senior Scientist: Rapid Global Warming is Happening Now." USNewswire, Oct. 30, 2003.
A Vicious Cycle: Government Force-Feeds Airport Expansion While Removing the Public from the Process, USNewswire, Oct. 30, 2003.
FAA’s Secret Meeting Isn’t Flying. Oct. 17, 2003
Comments on FAA's Strategic Plan (2004-2008). Aug. 5, 2003.
Comments to FAA & Chicago on Purpose & Need and ALP. Apr. 21, 2003.
AReCO petitions US-EPA for protection. Sept. 20, 2002.
THE CHAMBER IS WRONG! Aug, 27, 2002.
"Groups urge senators to protect communities around airports." Aug. 20, 2002.
Durbin O'Hare Expansion Bill Harms Illinois. Dec. 14, 2001
Details of Durbin's O'Hare Expansion Bill. Dec. 2001

Property Owners Big Losers In Airport Deal. Dec. 5, 2001

Governor and Mayor’s O’Hare Expansion Plan Built on Lies. Dec. 3, 2001.

Ryan and Daley trade health, safety and welfare for Meigs convenience and O'Hare's profits. Nov. 27, 2001

Call for Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's Resignation. July 13th, 2001.

Editorial Response to Chicago Tribune supporting O'Hare expansion. May 14, 2001
AReCO calls for boycott of Chicago Businesses promoting expansion. May 14, 2001 
AReCO opposes using FMS for "noise abatement" procedures. Apr. 25, 2001
Statement to the Illinois House Aviation Committee, regarding the Impact of the Airport Development Plans on the Environment and on Surrounding Neighborhoods, April 17, 2001.

Chicago: "Not In My Backyard": Chicago directs noise & pollution to suburbs March 2001.

Flight Management System Causes O’Hare Neighbors More Problems Dec. 2000  
Candidates ignore significant health and environmental issues.Oct. 27, 2000.

Press Release, September 1, 2000

AReCO Newsletters

Newsletter, Summer 1999 (in PDF format)
Newsletter, May 1997
Newsletter, April 1997
Newsletter, March 1997
Newsletter, February 1997
Newsletter, December 1996
Newsletter, November 1996
Newsletter, October 1996
Newsletter, Summer 1996

Letters to the Media

More runways for Midway, Apr. 7, 2008.
Chastising newspaper editorial for taking so long on FAA, Apr. 2008.

To the Mayor of Chicago for Intl' Noise Awareness Day, April 2000 (in PDF format)
To the Chicago Tribune, July 1999
To the Chicago Tribune, June 1999

To the Chicago Tribune, January 1998
To the Daily Herald, November 1997



Comments to USEPA on leaded aviation gas, Mar. 17, 2008.
Comments, Draft Air Quality General Conformity Determination, OMP, June 20-21 2005.
AReCO testimony on the State Of Competition In The Airline Industry, Hearing Before The Committee On The Judiciary House Of Representatives, 105th Congress, Second Session, May 19, 1998. 
AReCO petitions federal government not to bend under Durbin's pressure and asks for more time for public review, July 9, 2004.  
AReCO petitions FAA to study airport PM and health bubble effects submitting American Heart Assoc. study, July 6, 2004.  
Comments in respect to the Oakland Airport 2003 SEIR, Nov. 7, 2003.
Comments to the Town Hall Meeting on O’Hare Expansion. Sept. 25, 2003.

AReCO again petitions USEPA for health protection, Feb. 26, 2003.
EPA Petition for Health Protection. Sept. 5, 2002.
AReCO's Comments to FAA OMP EIS Scoping Document. Sept. 13, 2002.
Oral Testimony of Jack Saporito for the Alliance of Residents Concerning O’Hare, Inc. regarding O’Hare Modernization Program, Environmental Impact Statement Public Scoping Meeting. 8/21/02.
AReCO oral testimony re. World Gateway Expansion. Dec. 13, 2001.
AReCO's response to the FAA regarding the FEIS for the Chicago Terminal Airspace Project (10/11/01). 

Congressman Hyde's statement to the FAA on O'Hare's World Gateway program (in PDF format)

To Director Skinner IEPA Regarding Ozone Action Days
(in PDF format)
To Chief Bureau of Railroads
To the Illinois EPA, April 1999
To the US-EPA, February 1999
To the US-EPA, April 1998 (in PDF format)
To the Federal Aviation Administration, November 1997 (in PDF format)
To the US House Subcommittee on Science, October 1997 (in PDF format)

Responses from Officials

EPA denies AReCO's petition for monitoring protection, Nov. 2002.

Letter from IDOT on future of transportation. July 27th, 2001.



International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) sets new international rules designed to perpetuate aircraft noise (don't be fooled by 10dB), hamstring airport local decisions and mandate airport "landuse" expansion. Also, new Stage IV does not reduce emissions. 

Why the SOC Solution will relieve O’Hare Airport delays. Feb. 22, 2002

SOC: Why Daley’s O’Hare expansion will not "relieve" delays. Feb. 21, 2002

SOC radio ads hit loss of jobs throughout the region and the dire impact on schools caused by O’Hare expansion plan. Feb. 4, 2001. 

No corruption at O’Hare; no cheese in Wisconsin. SOC, Jan. 24, 2001

O'Hare In the interests of accuracy... SOC. Jan. 23, 2001.

Chicago Civic Committee's letter to Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing assuring Governor Ryan and Mayor Daley's cooperation on the O'Hare delay and expansion issue, Mar. 28, 2001. 

Chicago Civic Committee's top O'Hare expansionist, Lester Crown, has serious conflicts of interest according to SOC. Dec. 2001. 

Official Statements



In the News




CAW Testimony


Legal Wins

  • This settlement of what US-Citizens Aviation Watch Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency believed was over 100 violations of the Clean Water Act and other laws by the State of Maryland and Baltimore-Washington International Airport. US-Citizens Aviation Watch Association along with a member, Airport Environmental Coalition, with our attorneys Natural Resources Defense Council and the Humane Society of the United Sates and with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sued and won settlement with the Maryland Aviation Administration and the State of Maryland. 
        The purpose of this agreement is to further the goals of the Clean Water Act and to interpret this Decree in a consistent causing the Defendant to maintain full compliance with the Act and the NPDES and all applicable regulations at all times. This lawsuit and another legal action brought against Chicago O'Hare International Airport were instrumental in making airports nationwide comply with the Clean Water Act. While a major victory, the lawsuits were only able to address a tiny part of a huge problem. Click here PDF Format

  • This is a legal settlement of what we alleged was over 120 violations of the Clean Water Act and other laws by the Chicago O'Hare Airport during the 1996-97 deicing season. This legal action and a lawsuit we brought against Baltimore-Washington International Airport were instrumental in making airports nationwide comply with the Clean Water Act. While a major victory, the lawsuits were only able to address a tiny part of a huge problem. Click here PDF Format

  • Berkeley Keep Jets Over the Bay Committee et al. v. Board of Port Commissioners. The California Supreme Court let stand the appeals court's ruling that the port must prepare a supplemental report on the noise impacts of additional nighttime flights and the amount of air contaminants emitted by jet engines and their effect on public health.

  • National Business Aviation Assn. v. City of Naples Airport Authority. The U.S. District Court, dismissed a lawsuit brought by the National Business Aviation Association and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association against the City of Naples [FL] Airport Authority. The lawsuit sought to enjoin enforcement of a ban on the operation of Stage 2 jet aircraft, under 75,000 lbs. at the Naples Municipal Airport. The Naples ban was a 24 hour a day restriction aimed at all Stage 2 jet owners and operators.

  • The European Court has agreed to a ban on night-time flights, into and out of Heathrow between the hours of 11pm and 7 am. They voted by 5 to 2 that there had been a violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (right to respect for private and family life and home) and also by 6 votes to 1 that there had been a violation of article 13 (right to an effective remedy) of the Convention.

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  •     Aviation Noise Law

Analyses & Reports


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Mothers Against Airport Pollution


Press Release, November 1999
Mothers Against Airport Pollution (MAAP) respond to the National Parent Teachers Association [PTA] Resolution and Position Statement: PROTECTION OF CHILDREN FROM HARMFUL EFFECTS OF AIRCRAFT EMISSIONS.

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